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A unique island
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We want Casa de Santa Margarida to be an unforgettable place (maybe even mythical ...), with surprises arguable among our visitors: the pineapple cake on the first day of the stay, the quiet country of our garden, the high Our rooms ... We want to be the right place for those who are looking for rest but we also want to become part of the life story of all those who decide to stay with us - we want to be one of those Houses that wake up in our memories and help us create stories because our House is filled with history, full of memories, with clay floors where you could hide the forty thieves of the Thousand and One Nights, with perfumes of flowers and aromatic herbs ... An invitation to total awakening of the senses!

And because we want to provide these and other unique experiences, we have at our guests' disposal a package of massage services, based on a partnership with the Keep Moving Project (KMP) - a company that offers a unique and differentiated concept of well-being of the true potential of regional and national products - the volcanic origins of our Islands and their biodiversity are the inspiration to awaken our guest unique sensory experiences.


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Based on the unique therapeutic characteristics of Sal, we created the Tidal Dance massage, a true ritual based on a complex process that allows us to provide a body detox and restore the balance necessary for our daily lives.

In this ritual is used the flower of the salt (produced in the national salinas), which has a high degree of purity that allows to restore the levels of minerals necessary for a healthy life.


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Since ancient times the relationship of our ancestors with the aromatic herbs is of close complicity. Initially the aromatic plants were used in a strictly medicinal aspect (paper that lasts until the present times) but later they were taking place in other areas of our daily life.

Bringing them to massages is no more than re-creating a secular process - its therapeutic qualities are unique and will awaken a sense of total and deep relaxation.

We use plants such as Erva-Cidreira, Erva Maria Luísa, Erva Príncipe, Erva Doce, Salva, Rosemary and Mintel (all of which exist in our Garden). This experience of aromas will allow a reunion of the physical and mental balance.


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In the Atlantic Ocean the islands that make up the archipelago of the Azores emerge. Carved by the power of the lava and adorned by the best that nature has to offer, they surprise the visitor by the numerous geothermal manifestations.

The Power of the Volcano massage is inspired by the therapeutic benefits of geothermalism, a massage in which the geothermal stones transmit to our guest the heat and energy necessary for the revitalization of body and mind. Associated with this massage are used traditional Micaelenses aromas, which turns this ritual into an unforgettable moment.




This ritual is intended for couples, and the massage is performed simultaneously by two technicians and is a real moment of complicity between the oil produced by the melted candle and its skin.

The unique refinement and ambience of Casa de Santa Margarida associated with the awakening of emotions will allow our visitors to create memories of unique and magical moments.




The massage with bamboos allows to obtain excellent therapeutic results, benefiting of the natural energetic contact that the vegetal matter establishes with our skin.

The main goals of bambuterapia are the draining, toning and relaxing therapies.




This massage allows to reestablish the balance between mind and body through the combination of massage and the use of natural oils and essences.

Our visitor will be fit and reestablished to enjoy a new day on the Island of S. Miguel.