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A house with soul
Centuries of history
History & Identity

Very close to the historical center of the city of Ponta Delgada stands the House of Santa Margarida, a secular property that has been in the possession of the same family since its construction (last quarter of the 19th century). It is in Rua Margarida de Chaves that the Casa de Santa Margarida rises freshly in gray and white and with discreet splendor, whose designation honors the "Venerable Matron Margarida de Chaves", who lived in the middle of the sixteenth century and is an ancestor of the family owner of the House.

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Passing from generation to generation the property has kept intact its soul and atmosphere with fin de siècle flavor, where furniture and representative pieces of various periods of the national and foreign decorative arts (from the eighteenth century to the present times) coexist in extraordinary balance.

Present and


The family that owns the property has been able to preserve the soul of this family home and, by transforming it into a Local Lodging, intends to offer its guests the experience of living in the present times the splendor of past times, offering a harmonious reading of the various spaces of the house.